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Biker Hippies!


T-Shirts and Patches
Biker Hippies!
Custom Leg Wear
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The only thing to know about us is that we're just a couple of hippie riding fools! We live for the days that we can ride, if the sun is out you can almost bet that we are too! Our business is based out of Oklahoma. I like to think that we are honest and straight forward. If you feel that you need more just ask and we'll provide what we can. We've been doing leather customs for about three years now. And have had no complaints.

We are out to make all our customers happy!

Ironhog Leathers can make just about anything that you can dream up or draw. We've made leather fetish items, along with our biker items. Whether it be whips and chains or matching vest and chaps. We'll do our best to please our customers.

Our family

About our family, well.....
Three children, two dogs, a cat, a hedgehog, and a sugar glider. If we had a bigger place we would have more critters. Kids, everone should have at least one! So they could experience childhood all over again! Ha Ha

2003 CA Poker Run

This years February cold weather run was a bust, sort of.  The weather turned out to be a  70 degree and cloudless day.  I guess thats ok, but its suppose to be cold.  About 2500 rider braved the weather and all had a good time.  Here's hoping for next year!

Riding experience

Watch out for those flying stingers!

just GO!!
We did not make the Black Hills Rally this year with plans to go to Milwaukee.  We will most likly be back next year.

Milwaukee and the 100th birthday celebration
A great trip to the shores of Lake Michigan.
Four of us left Oklahoma City on Sunday the 24th after a good gathering at the Bricktown Ballbark.  We opted to take a more historical route to Chicago rather than the interstates.  Route 66 was great fun stopping at many places of interest along the way.  One of the highlights being riding downtown Chicago during rush hour.  Thank goodness for loud pipes.  Arriving in Milwaukee and seeing all the people welcoming us from every direction was the start of a great week of visiting with old friends, making new ones and seeing many great displays and entertainment.  We took several tours including the beer tour and enjoyed every day.  We had no rain while there and missed the big storm on the way home by going west to Iowa before heading south.  Everyone is back ok, the only casulty being Renee's butt!